Director & Bcam / Sam St.John
DP / Dima Kalenda
Art Direction & Ccam / Gemma
Edit / Ste Smith
Production / @paragonpicures
Visual and technical support /

The video captures the essence of the collaboration, which draws inspiration from the city's rich maritime heritage. The shoes, which come in three different styles, feature elements like rugged leather uppers and rugged soles, inspired by the tough conditions that sailors and shipbuilders would have faced.

What's interesting about this collaboration is how it connects the dots between fashion and history. By highlighting the work of the boat builders, the video shows that the collection isn't just about style, but about a genuine appreciation for the culture and heritage of Newcastle. The shoes themselves are a reflection of that heritage, with details that nod to the city's rugged coastline and the hardworking people who call it home.

The END. x Clarks Originals collaboration is a reminder that fashion can be more than just aesthetics. By partnering with local communities and exploring their histories, brands can create products that resonate on a deeper level. The limited edition shoe collection is a testament to the power of collaboration, and an homage to the men who are keeping Newcastle's maritime history alive.

At North Time Maritime Trust.