Director / Sam St.John
DP / @dima.kalenda
AD / @jay_booton_director
Art Direction / Gemma
Edit / @stesmith10
Production / @paragonpicures
Visual and technical support /

Produced by Paragon Pictures and shot by cinematographer Dima Kalenda, the video is a testament to the creative vision and skill of both brands. The attention to detail, from the lighting to the set design, showcases the expertise of the production team.

The collaboration between END. and A Bathing Ape is a perfect blend of their signature styles. END.'s fashion-forward aesthetic is evident in the Western-inspired costumes worn by the actors, while A Bathing Ape's iconic streetwear style is represented through the overall mood and tone of the video.

The video is a true work of art that showcases the creativity and vision of both brands. With its unique setting and stunning visuals, the END. and A Bathing Ape collaboration shot in Rhondda Bowling Alley is a must-see for fans of both brands and anyone who appreciates innovative and visually stunning fashion collaborations.